Behind The Brand: And Your Favorite Harnesses

Behind The Brand: And Your Favorite Harnesses

Once upon a time, in a land filled with wagging tails and wet noses, Bridget met her very first Frenchie. It was love at first bark! She knew she wanted only the best for her new furry family member. But oh, the struggle! Standard harnesses just didn’t fit her pup’s adorable little body, and other pet supplies? Flimsy materials and boring colors that clashed with her fabulous style. Yawn!

And so, in a burst of inspiration and a flurry of puppy kisses, Frenchie was born! Bridget, fueled by love and a dash of creativity, invented the first-ever reversible neoprene harness. She tested each creation with her beloved pup to make sure they were the safest and comfiest around. And those colors and prints? Only the most fabulous, ones Bridget herself would proudly wear.

Word spread quickly through the dog parks and puppy playdates – the Frenchie Bulldog reversible harness was a hit! Pet owners everywhere could finally walk their dogs safely and in style, turning sidewalks into runways.

But the adventure didn’t stop there. Frenchie Bulldog blossomed, now offering a dazzling array of pet essentials for all breeds and the humans who adore them. From snazzy harnesses to chic accessories, every item is designed with the same love and playful spirit that started it all.

For those who are new, welcome! To the OG's that have been here since the beginning, THANK YOU! Every product we create is a testament to the bond between pets and their people. Let’s make every walk, cuddle, and adventure a stylish and joyful one – together.

Join us in this playful journey, because life is too short for boring pet gear. Let’s wag more, bark louder, and strut our stuff!

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