Frenchie Gives Back: Humane Animal Welfare Service

Frenchie Gives Back: Humane Animal Welfare Service

Season’s Greetings! It’s December—the final month of the year. A time for reflection, get-togethers, and staying cozy. As most of the month falls during the lull between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you have about 3 solid weeks to wrap up your year before Christmas holidays start and all bets are off.

If you are taking stock of 2022 and realize that you haven’t done as much for animals as you would like to have done, fear not, because Frenchie Bulldog has one final 2022 charity partner in our Frenchie Gives Back program.

Hailing from and servicing Wisconsin, the Humane Animal Welfare Service (HAWS) of Waukesha Country is a staunch advocate for animals in need. Established in 1965 and community-based since its inception, HAWS is dedicated to “strengthening the relationship between animals and humans through adoptions and education—making a more compassionate community possible.” Adoptions and fostering are naturally a large part of what HAWS does, and there are comprehensive applications which do a great deal to ensure the best people-animal pairings. However, the follow-up provided by HAWS is really special and is what sets them apart. Each adopted dog gets four complimentary behavior sessions so even novice pet owners can get a leg up with the new addition to their family.

That’s right—HAWS has behavior/training classes for dogs, as well as humane education for human beings, horse care education, the ‘SNIP’ spay/neuter clinic, and most importantly the HAWS Shallock Center for Animals, which features a private dog park which can be booked for both training and recreational purposes. And while dogs are perhaps the most popular adoptions, HAWS also has cats, small mammals, birds, reptiles, turtles, and others to adopt.

The scope of HAWS is what is truly remarkable because it pulls together a number of different services and educational programs in order to furnish the community with peace of mind with regard to animal welfare. HAWS has two intersecting commitments which ensure the community’s animals stay supported. The first commitment is Open Admission, which is the idea that no pet is left out in the proverbial or literal cold. However, HAWS’ resources— voluntary surrender forms, for example—go a long way to ensure that animals aren’t simply abandoned on the doorstep.

The second commitment is Zero Kill, and that speaks for itself.

Due to their high standards of care for each animal, there is always a need for more help, whether volunteering or donations. While we recommend both, if you are outside the Waukesha County limits you can help your Wisconsite ‘Wisconsonian’ friends through a charitable donation which will be put toward medical expenses and pre-adoption care. Check out the HAWS website ( and have a look where your good intentions might be maximally beneficial. And, if you want to keep up with what’s up with HAWS on social media, check out @haws_waukesha on Instagram.

Until next time, all the best to your pet(s).


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