Frenchie Gives Back: Short Noses and Friends United Rescue

Frenchie Gives Back: Short Noses and Friends United Rescue

Throughout the United States there are hundreds of organizations dedicated to animal welfare, rescue, and care. Short Noses and Friends United Rescue—or ‘SNAFU’—is one such organization. Frenchie Bulldog is excited to partner with SNAFU for the month of October as part of our Frenchie Gives Back program in order to generate greater awareness of their efforts as well as assist in their fund-raising and nationwide adoption services.

SNAFU’s mandate is composed of two twin-aims: To begin with, they work to remove dogs from the commercial breeding system as well as from breeding auctions, and; Second, they work to raise money to cover the medical bills of these animals. Their novel approach of maintaining relationships with breeders allows them to pre-emptively rescue pups before their future prospects turn dire. It’s a very pet-forward approach that Is geared toward harm reduction and maximizing animal welfare.

Of course, once the dogs are rescued the real work is only just beginning. Even pups that don’t require medical care still require fostering and—eventually—adoption. For this, SNAFU taps its community of volunteers (and you can become one become one at, which is constantly growing as more people become aware of their work. And, similar to how they maintain relationships with breeders, they also maintain relationships with other shelters in the communities they serve in case their own facilities become full.

This collaborative approach has made SNAFU a recognized name in animal welfare throughout the Midwest. And although they do serve Indiana and Nebraska primarily, don’t let that fool you into thinking they are only a regional affair with a regional reach. In actuality, they serve the entire United States, meaning that anyone can adopt a SNAFU pup as long as they are willing to come and pick them up.

To facilitate adoption, SNAFU volunteers have put a lot of work into getting fostered pets ready for their forever homes. Their website is replete with doggo profiles which include pictures and detailed write-ups about temperament, needs, and personality traits. This takes a lot of guess-work out of adoption—particularly in cases where the prospective adopters live far away—which means less upheaval for the pups themselves as the adopters will have been vetted and have had their expectations managed by the time they decide to commit.

We at Frenchie are excited to help our Midwestern friends—furry or otherwise—in this month’s partnership. If you are also interested in helping their mission you can start with their website,, or their Facebook group, SNAFU Rescue Facebook Auctions, which is updated more frequently. On Instagram, you can follow @snafurescue or you can make a direct donation to their PayPal using the email address, Finally, as a token of our appreciation for you, our valued Frenchie people and pups, for the month of October you can use the discount code, SNAFURESCUE10 in order to receive a 10% discount on all Frenchie Bulldog purchases.

Until next time, all the best to you and your furry companions.


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