Introducing the Party Collections!

Introducing the Party Collections!

What if you could split a beam of white light into a kaleidoscopic spectrum of colored light while opening your chakras and finding a pot of gold at the end it all?….or something. In case it was not abundantly clear, one of Frenchie Bulldog’s featured releases for June is the RAINBOW Pop collection. When your pup is dipped in such colorful ‘drip’, they’ll be the eye-catchingest of dogs strolling to the park. Strap Harness, Duo-Reversible Harness, Comfort Collar—all of our Elevated Pet Essentials have been given the full multi-color treatment. All the vibrant colors of the visible spectrum are harmoniously set together and adorned with cute rainbow popsicles and rainbow ‘Frenchie’ logos. For reversible items like our Duo Reversible Harness, the obverse side features a neat and tidy rainbow plaid design (just in case your pooch needs to attend a job interview). As well, by being just in time for Pride Month, the Rainbow Pop Collection is a great way for your pup to share in the spirit with you. Dogs have always been man’s best friend; now your pup can become man’s best ally.

On the other hand, if your pooch apparel is already set for June and you are looking to July, you might consider Frenchie Bulldog’s ‘Party in the USA’ collection. Let your pooch declare their independence from uninspired accessory designs this 4th of July with patriotic motifs such as rocket pop, flags, and ‘Uncle Sam hats’. Help your pooch defend and celebrate their first amendment rights to ‘bork’, yip, snore, and laze in the warm sunspot on the living room floor. Your pup will look positively presidential this Independence Day with these uniquely American accessories.

Whether you’re interested in the Rainbow Pop Collection, the Party in the USA Collection, or any of our other fresh designs, all Frenchie Bulldog accessories are made with comfortable, breathable, and machine washable neoprene. And furthermore, all Frenchie Bulldog harnesses and collars balance the durability to restrain more spirited pooches with the comfort and ergonomics to be used as everyday wearers. This means your pet can look fly all the time while you get to have peace of mind that they are safe and secure. Still, for many dogs without a loving human to take care of them, life is less about what accessories to wear and more about survival. Frenchie Bulldog never forgets these less fortunate pups and so each month, a portion of every purchase you make from Frenchie Bulldog gets diverted to to our Frenchie Gives Back charity program, wherein we select animal charities and humane societies from around the country to assist with donations. June’s charity, the LA-based I Stand with My Pack, is one such outstanding group whose work to house shelter dogs you will be supporting with your purchase. So whether prideful or patriotic, pug or poodle, do what feels right, looks good, and helps all dogs in the long run.


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