We are so excited to share this beautiful blog post from our friends at TWINS FOR FASHION! Please check out there awesome site - we love these girls- and guy- Guido, their adorable french bulldog:)





The day dawned sunny, without even a cloud with blue sky. We decided to go around with Guido, put on his Frenchie Bulldog favorite kit and go for a walk around the harbor while we did some photos for this brand. It was a disaster. Guido is mainly afraid of two things: first water, if rain he does not want to leave home. The second wind, he covers his ears and hides between Júlia legs. Even he is afraid of these two things it does not mean that if it’s windy or raining we will not leave home, it is difficult to font face or fears but that’s just how we overcome them,  in fact I can understand that with these conical ears these two factors disturbed him much more than us.
The fact is that as we approached to the port more we noticed some wind, but not much, but when we get the ride it started huffing and puffing very strong, poor Guido was frightened, and of course he was so that very strong wind even to us gave us something unconfortable. As you can see in the photos the fabulous kit sent by our Frenchie Bulldog friends irs hardly percived, so, of course, we will repeat the shoots, but we did not want to stop sharing the photos with you because that the shootind does not go as expected does not mean that is not useful; yes, it was windy and we are not super fabulous, but in life these things happen; in photos sometimes it is windy, the model is a wimp and cars do not light. Well, considering that Amalia was just a few days in Spain, in which we shoot content and a lot of other things, it could have been far, far worse, as rain each day, eg. It was a different day, we had fun, and to Guido, in addition to being really cute with his new harness, surely helped him to see that the wind is only wind, finally we sat in the sun, while it was windy yet, and at then he was realizing that nothing happened, that we were not going to anywhere without him.

Guido’s reversible harness by Frenchie Bulldog Pets Supply here. Júlia total look from Zara, Amalia’s total top look from Zara w Levi’s jeans and Carolina Boix booties. Shoots by Dolors Ayxendri.

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