One of our #friendchies @tunameltsmyheart just finished a campaign on Instagram to raise awareness for rescue groups, using hashtags #ADollarADog and #PawItForward . 
100% of the proceeds raised were divided up to benefit 8 rescue groups. We thought this was a great idea, and soon we saw the campaign taking over Instagram!

The Instagram participators would post a photo of themselves with/ and/ or their pet holding a dollar bill. Each post would encourage their followers to donate to the cause by visiting ruv.me/adollaradog.
Each participator would then nominate 3 to 5 other animals (or animal lovers) to do the same, and continue the campaign. #PawItForward

In just one week the number of photo submissions grew to 1,600 participants and the movement was able to raise $25,819! 

Here are some of our favorite #friendchie photos that were used to participate in this heartfelt campaign:

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