Good Golly Miss Molly!

We are so excited about today's blog! We are feasting our Friendchie on instagram  @miss_molly_frenchie
For those of you who are not (yet!) familiar with Miss Molly, she is an adorable french bulldog with an Instagram feed you could look at for days! 
Here is a little something about Molly:
Birthday: Jan 28, 2014
Molly's mom: Shirlin Hsu, who is an amazing illustrator! 
Favorite Food: pumpkin, broccoli, yogurt (anything except dog food)
Personality: ditzy (sometimes) 
Things she likes to do: fart, snore, chewing plastic bottles
Funny facts: She startles herself when she farts and she will only pee on grass
Here are some of our favorite photos of Miss Molly:
Bath time!
Enjoying Life's Beauties…
Signature "Peekaboo Look" 
Signature "Peekaboo Look" 
As we mentioned, Molly's mom, Shirlin Hsu is a talented illustrator! Here are some of our favorite illustrations, by Shirlin:

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