Frenchie Friday - Featuring Bella and Basil

Happy Frenchie Friday!

Today we are featuring two of our favorite french bulldogs from Down Under! 

Enter Bella and Basil, two cute french bulldogs living it up in Australia! If you haven't done so already, follow their adorable life on instagram: @b1andb2 - Their funny and inspiring photos are sure to make your day:)


Reasons to love and follow Bella and Basil:

1. They are good listeners:) 

2. They live in the moment- taking in each beautiful day one day at a time... 


3. They are very forgiving and accepting of each others sleeping habits….

…and accidental (or intentional)  "Kung Foo Frenchie" moves


They love each other… No matter who is watching


A video posted by Bella and Basil (@b1andb2) on


They each have their own adorable personality: Bella



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