30 Cute and Nerdy Dog Names to Show Your Geek Cred!

30 Cute and Nerdy Dog Names to Show Your Geek Cred!

Adding a new four-legged friend to the family? One of the hardest parts of getting a new dog is coming up with her name... But the team at Frenchie Bulldog has you covered! 

Check out our 30 favorite "nerdy" dog names, perfect for showing off your favorite fandoms without spending money on the tee shirt.

1. Khaleesi. Mother of dragons, breaker of chew toys, licker of faces. 

2. Luigi. You can't go wrong with the classics!

3. Arwen. Perfect for the warrior elf of the family.

4. Koopa. Koopa Troopas are a major part of the Mario universe, and a great choice for the gamer in your family. 

5. Ginny. Now you have a reminder to snuggle up for your annual Harry Potter marathon! 

6. Bilbo. Another Lord of the Rings name, ideal for a pup who loves adventures.

7. Ripley. Whether she'll be fighting off aliens or just barking at the mailman, this name is perfect for a pup with guts! 

8. Sirius. Another Harry Potter name for the Padfoot in your life. 

9. Buffy. Who doesn't love the OG vampire slayer? 

10. Thor. A great name for a big, shaggy dog -- or even better, for a tiny one who needs an extra sweater. 

11. Gidget (or Gadget or Gizmo). Whether you're referencing Sandra Dee or just a fan of trendy technology, this is a great name for your pocket-sized pup.

12. Ash. French bulldogs, I choose you! 

13. Sansa. Your Queen of the North deserves a name worthy of her stature.

14. Ajax. Ajax is the name of Greece's most fearsome warrior (and a pretty great web dev collection, too!). 

15. Harley. Got a pup with a big personality? Try a name that's just as wild as she is. 

16. Radar. M.A.S.H. is a classic, and this name is, too! 

17. Arya. Another name for Thrones fans -- So sad they stopped after Season 6 and never finished the series. 😉

18. Alfred. Whether your pup is chilling in the sun or taking care of Batman, this name represents his loyal nature. 

19. Lara. Raiding tombs or the kitchen trash can -- what's the difference? 

20. Gygax. Pay homage to the original dungeon master with this D&D-inspired name! 

21. Peach. Sorry, pup -- Your princess is in another castle.

22. Woz. Named for Steve Wozniak, one of the co-founders of Apple.  

23. Zelda. Some truly bad*ss leading ladies have carried the Zelda name: Fitzgerald, Williams, and the original fantasy princess. 

24. Hulk. Excellent choice for large guard dogs and teacup poodles alike. 

25. Scully. Is your dog ready to solve some mysteries? We want to believe!! 

26. Bowser. An ideal choice for a bulldog with a bit of meat on his bones.

27. Pepper. Pepper Potts is the real star of the Iron Man franchise, let's be real.

28. Yoshi. A classic name for your constant companion! 

29. Xena. Who doesn't love a warrior princess?!

30. Kirby. Perfect for that adorable, ultra-smooshable face.


Which of our top 30 are your favorites? Share your nerdy dog names -- and rep your favorite Frenchie gear -- on Instagram! Make sure to tag us @frenchiebulldog so we can see our favorites! 

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