30 Most Popular Dog Names From The Movies

30 Most Popular Dog Names From The Movies

Adding a new four-legged friend to the family? One of the hardest parts of getting a new dog is coming up with their name... But the team at Frenchie Bulldog has you covered! Roll the cameras and get ready for some inspo!

Check out our 30 favorite "movie buff" dog names, perfect for our cultured fur friends!

  1. Nala. An absolute classic from The Lion King and best paired with a feisty leader.
  2. Rocky. Fists up and cue the Rocky theme music. Our boxer friends are best suited for this name.
  3. Scooby. Snacks? Ruh roh! It’s no mystery that this pup would be treat-motivated!
  4. Toto. We’re not in Kansas anymore! 
  5. Lassie. Sassy Lassie has a ring to it. Come on home girl!
  6. Buddy. Ball is life? The perfect name for a team player.
  7. Bolt. Whether fighting off the villains or just barking at the mailman, this name is perfect for a pup with guts! 
  8. Zero. Find this furry friend roaming the cemetery with his buddy Jack the Skeleton! 
  9. Marley. Only the naughtiest of pups can pull this one off!
  10. Luna. Sorted into Gryffindor for their bravery. This magical name is world-renowned. 
  11. Elsa. Let it go, let it go! We hope this pup likes the snow!
  12. Adonis. Muscles…bring on the beefcake!
  13. Ella. Puppy school? What like it’s hard?
  14. Thor. He is the son of Odin with a lightening personality.
  15. Harley. Got a pup with a big personality? Try a name that's just as wild as she is. 
  16. Woody. Yeee-haw! You’ve got a friend in him. 
  17. Flash. Zoomies? Say no more. 
  18. Alfred. Whether your pup is chilling in the sun or taking care of Batman, this name represents his loyal nature. 
  19. Lara. Raiding tombs or the kitchen trash can -- what's the difference? 
  20. Gromit. Lovely cheese, Gromit!
  21. Yoda. The force is strong with this one!
  22. Gizmo. Do not feed after midnight, stay away from water, and avoid bright lights!
  23. Zelda. Some truly bad*ss leading ladies have carried the Zelda name: Fitzgerald, Williams, and the original fantasy princess. 
  24. Hulk. Excellent choice for large guard dogs and teacup poodles alike. 
  25. Hooch. Chewer and a drooler? This partner in crime could use a buddy named Turner.
  26. Sulley. An ideal choice for a dog with a massive ROOOOOAAARRRR!
  27. Pepper. Pepper Potts is the real star of the Iron Man franchise, let's be real.
  28. Cher. As if? We aren’t totally clueless. Just highly selective.
  29. Clifford. The big red dog? We’re going to need a bigger dog bed. 
  30. Dewey. Horror movie fan? Deputy Dewey oozing to stay alive as your top choice. 

Which of our top 30 are your favorites? Share your movie-inspired dog names -- and rep your favorite Frenchie gear -- on Instagram! Make sure to tag us @frenchie_bulldog so we can see our favorites! 

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