Songs for Dogs And The People Who Love Them

Songs for Dogs And The People Who Love Them

Hi Friendchies!

Today I want to share with you the most amazing music album - FOR DOGS!

The music in this album was specifically created with unique, dog-friendly sounds that capture your pup's interest and act as a comforting reminder that you love them and will be back soon.

My dear and lifelong friend, Taylor Brown is the musical genius behind Songs For Dogs and The People Who Love Them and has spent the last few years creating and perfecting this album.

His inspiration? - His French Bulldog, Nala!


The idea originated when Nala, began demonstrating anxiety issues when Taylor would leave. Taylor's father, Ken Brown DVM, has been a Veterinarian for over 40 years, and advised Taylor to turn on the TV to help calm Nala. Taylor thought, but what kind of TV? I can’t just put on the movie Die Hard. They knew some sounds were better than others, but they didn’t know which were most beneficial. With the guidance of Veterinarians, Taylor set out to create science based music to help dogs feel comforted, calm and secure when their owners are away.


How it works:

Animals love music and, just like humans, they are emotionally affected by it. However, this music is scientifically structured to include both audible and inaudible sounds that are particularly appealing to dogs.

We know that the tone of our voice greatly influences our pet’s emotional state of being, and that emotional state starts with how the human and the pet interpret the music when they are together.

By providing genuinely fun, positive and uplifting emotional content specific to dogs throughout this particular music, your pup can associate these pleasant indicators with the feeling and security of being loved.

Taylor Brown is currently doing a Kickstarter for this album, Songs For Dogs and The People Who Love Them.  Click HERE and Support!


Make sure to follow Taylor and Nala on Facebook and on Instagram !

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