Cold Remedies For Your Dog 🐶🤧

Cold Remedies For Your Dog 🐶🤧

It’s getting colder out in the U.K. and with the temperature dropping the chances of your dog catching a cold increase!

Currently my dogs (@lululenny_the_french_bulldogs) are recovering from a nasty cold. You can tell your dog has a cold by looking out for the following signs:

  • Sneezing
  • Nasal congestion and discharge (runny nose)
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Runny eyes
  • Wheezing and or coughing
  • Lethargic
  • Loss of appetite

We have come up with a few at home remedies to keep your dog comfortable while they ride out their sickness. It is important to discuss with your vet whether or not you dogs’ cold could be more severe or in fact, another illness. Always consult with your vet to make sure you are doing what’s best for your dog!

Cold Remedy #1- REST

Just like when we (humans) are sick, we need rest, and lots of it! It is important to limit their time outdoors and keep them inside bundled up. Try and encourage them to take it easy, sleeping is the key to recovery!

Cold Remedy #2- SNOUT SOOTHER

We like to lather on Natural Dog Company’s SNOUT SOOTHER which is made with 100% natural ingredients to prevent a sore snout. Since the weather is getting harsh it can cause your dog’s nose to dry out, crack, and even bleed. The SNOUT SOOTHER will moisturize and heal your dog’s nose in no time at all and has been a lifesaver for us! As for the runny nose…make sure to have tissues on you and wipe away the snot if possible. My dogs tend to lick it off before I can get to them first!

Cold Remedy #3- FLUIDS

It is SO important for your dog to stay hydrated in general, but when they are sick they have to stay hydrated in order to recover fully from their cold! Our go to “Get Better Cocktail” is adding chicken or beef broth to their water! We put in 1/4 cup of a low or no sodium broth. The sodium in broth is too high for dogs so be sure you are careful with the quantity. The broth will entice your dog to drink fluids, so if they are ignoring their water bowl, throw in a bit of broth!


We make sure to have plenty of blankets for them to snuggle into while they are resting. Sneak a hot water bottle into their bed to warm it up for them. Be careful not to burn your dog, and wrap the hot water bottle up with an additional blanket. Our steam vaporizer is our go to when anyone is sick in our household. The vaporizer will help if your dog is stuffed up and congested. The machine will add moisture into the air and you can even add essential oils to help open up the sinuses!

Cold Remedy #5- LOVE

Grab a book, binge watch your favorite show, and snuggle you dog(s). Showing your dog LOVE is the best way to make them feel better! My dogs tend to want to cuddle more when they are feeling under the weather and I am more than happy to love on them, snot nosed and all!

Again, please consult your vet if your dog’s cold symptoms begin to worsen. A typical cold can last up to a week, so make sure your dog has the best chance of fully recovering by following our cold remedies!


The International Frenchie Team

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