Doggy Halloween Costume Haul

Doggy Halloween Costume Haul

It's that time of year again....  H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N! We love to dress up our pups, and we wanted to share one of our top spots for finding the most unique costumes. 

If you like pina coladas ..... you'll like this costume. This little pineapple costume is way too cute, and comes with a little hat!

Where to find this: TJ Maxx/ Home Goods

Cost: $12.99 (yep- steal of a deal)

Leo's Llama was also involved in this photoshoot! 

We want S'MORES!!! This tasty costume will have you running to the grocery store to microwave some marshmallows! Also found at TJ Maxx/ Home Goods and cost only $12.99.

Watermelon! This one is probably our fave. We only saw one of these at our local TJ Maxx/ Home Goods, so it must have been a hot seller, also $12.99.

Easy like Sundae Morning! Cuter and sweeter too! This adorable ice cream sundae doggy costume comes complelte with a cherry on top! Because it wouldn't be a sundae, without the cherry on top! You can find this one at TJ Maxx/ Home Goods for $12.99.

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