Foodie Frenchies

Foodie Frenchies
Happy Monday!
We are super excited to share with you this awesome instagram account - @tobychews 
Tobychews aims to celebrate the two most beautiful things in life, Frenchies and food. Stef, the creator of "Frenchie Foodie Pics"  thought of the idea during an afternoon picnic with her furbaby, Toby
Stef says, "In order to truly capture the personality of each dog it's important to analyse and understand her customer's IG photos. Each creation can take up to 1-2 hours as the juxtaposition of Frenchies and food has to be just right!" 
If you're after a scrumptious picture featuring your very own furbaby Tobychews takes requests through their IG account (@Tobychews) or via email (, collaborations and promotional requests welcome.
Contact info:
Facebook - Tobychews
Twitter- Tobychews

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