Frenchie Bulldog Comfort Collar: The Best Choice?

Frenchie Bulldog Comfort Collar: The Best Choice?

            Look at your pup. What do you see? An obedient, spirited friend? A docile lapdog? A precocious tyke? Are you aware that once upon a time your pup’s ancestors were fierce hunters who prowled the landscape felling gigantic prey, and moving swiftly, dangerously through the prehistoric world?

            It’s true. A part of your dog will always be wild and want to run free, but the great companionship we—human beings—have formed with our canine friends over generations is predicated on the collar as both a symbol of companionship and a tool for reinforcing your pup’s better behaviors.

            And, since your dog is accepting you as pack leader by wearing their collar, shouldn’t you get them the best collar you can—one that balances durability and sturdy construction with your dog’s comfort and well-being?

Why Comfort Collars?

            Enter Frenchie Bulldog’s Comfort Collars. There is simply no better way to honor your companion and their unconditional love for you than by giving them the most comfortable and well-made collar available. Your pooch will love their comfy dog collar and you will appreciate its quality construction and reinforced stitching which ensure strength and longevity. For those occasions when you might need to grab the collar to stay your pooch’s excitement, you can do so with total peace of mind knowing that the quilted fibres and interior padding will prevent discomfort and injury.

Why Frenchie Bulldog Collars?

            And of course, like all Frenchie Bulldog pooch apparel, each comfy dog collar comes emblazoned with fresh and fun designs. We have a large selection of playful themes and designs which will make your pup a fashion maven whether strolling down Main Street for the world to see or lounging on the couch hiding from the paparrazzi. Choose from numerous designs including hot-pink floral, tie-dye, pizza party, sports, teddy bears, and plaid (‘hot pink’ of course!). If your pooch is a bit edgy and rebellious, he or she might even do well with ‘jolly roger’ theme.

More Reasons...

            Beyond the aforementioned benefits—comfort, style, durability—every Frenchie Bulldog  comfy dog collar purchase you make has a portion set aside for charities all over the country which help animals in need. This means that your Comfort Collar won’t just make your dog feel good but you as well. Or, if you and your pup are canine accessory aficionados, you will love that your Frenchie Bulldog Comfort Collar integrates seamlessly—in both function and aesthetic—with other items in the Frenchie Bulldog pooch apparel eco-system.

            Finally, we are so confident in our Comfort Collar and the satisfaction that you and your pup will derive from it, that we are offering hassle-free returns if you’re not completely satisfied with it. The Frenchie Bulldog Comfort Collar truly is the most loving choice you can make for your pet.

            They won’t regret it.

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