Frenchie for the Fall

Frenchie for the Fall

Halloween is just around the corner and we have been working overtime to make sure your canine pal is looking fresh and festive for the upcoming holidays. Here are some of the haute-doge-couture items that are ready for your dog to floss throughout the neighborhood whilst ‘trick-or-treating’.

Okay…so that may not be an actual Robin quote, but you may find yourself saying something along those lines with Frenchie’s Super Pig collection. Paying homage to silver age Batman and the campy 1960s television series, Frenchie’s Super Pig line of accessories not only make the perfect Halloween attire for your pooch but are also suitable crime-fighting accessories for the rest of the year. Each night-black piece is emblazoned with either hot pink or bright yellow Frenchie logos framed in ‘batwings’. In fact, our full range of Frenchie products—including Strap Harness, Duo-Reversible Harness, Comfort Collar, Cooling Bandana, Poo Bag Holder, and Comfort Leash—have all been given the brooding anti-hero treatment.


Of course, all vigilantes need top-shelf gear, and so a lot of ingenuity and effort are put into ensuring that all of our elevated pet essentials are comfortable enough to be used as everyday wearers. At the same time, each Frenchie piece is strong enough to stand up to even the most energetic dogs. And, since fighting crime is a dirty job, all Frenchie Bulldog items are machine washable with colors that will stay as vibrant as your pooch. —Excelsior!

Or perhaps your pup would rather celebrate Halloween without the tragic origin story that all vigilantes require. Frenchie Bulldog has their back! Our Witches’ Brew collection is our most spooktacular offering this season. Available in either a black or purple palette swap, this collection positively screams! (sic.)—Cauldrons, skulls, jack-o-lanterns and peaked witch hats adorn these playful pieces which will make your pooch the belle of the ghoul gala!

This time of year is also a time where temperatures drop and we await winter. The upside is that we get to rock all kinds of fly winter gear like pullovers and jackets. Frenchie has your pooch’s autumn outfit on lock with our cute-as-can-be Frenchie Dog Hoodies. Our Panda Bear Dog Hoodie is a classic black & white number that channels heavy Snoopy vibes while protecting your pup from the chill in the air. On the other hand, our Unicorn Dog Hoodie is a tie-dye, candy-floss dream suitable for your ‘quite uncommon canine compadre’. Both hoodies are machine washable and so comfy that your pooch may not want to take it off.

So, whether you and your dog celebrate the equinox, Halloween, Thanksgiving, all of the above or none, Frenchie Bulldog wishes you both the best!


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