Frenchie Gives Back: French Bulldog Rescue Network

Frenchie Gives Back: French Bulldog Rescue Network

Alongside Frenchie Bulldog’s primary goal of creating elevated pet essentials for people-animal families, we also make it a priority to financially assist a different animal welfare group each month by diverting a portion of the revenue from each item purchased from us. Throughout September 2022, Frenchie Bulldog will be partnering with French Bulldog Rescue Network (FBRN).

Founded in 2011 and 100% volunteer-run, FBRN works to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rehome French Bulldogs in need. These rescued Frenchies come from commercial kennels, import brokers, shelters, and private rescue groups; many are even turned in by individual ‘Good Samaritans’. When French Bulldogs are turned in or rescued, FBRN’s stalwart team of volunteers get to work immediately, fostering the dogs and commencing or continuing education and training while ‘forever homes’ are tirelessly sought out. One of FBRN’s advantages in this mission is that it is not a regional group, but instead operates in all 50 states as well as Canada. Such an expansive network all but guarantees that French Bulldogs in need will find their place before too long.

If you do check our FBRN’s website (—and you absolutely should—one of the most beautiful features is the effort and care volunteers have put toward each pooch’s profile. Each French Bulldog up for adoption is described in detail, including objective stats (size, age, color, etc.), temperament observations, household recommendations, and detailed write-ups along with photos. The enjoyment volunteers take from fostering these doggos is obvious, and their comprehensive write-ups allow more informed decisions on the part of prospective adopters who may not be able to travel and meet the pooch beforehand.

Still, adoption is but one of the ways in which you can help Frenchies in need. Sponsoring an already-fostered animal is another option if you are not ready to adopt, as is a direct donation through PayPal ( to offset the costs of medical procedures, as every pet adopted from FBRN comes spayed or neutered. Donations can even be made in the name of a pooch you lost which will immortalize said animal friend on the website’s Memorials page. And, if you are looking to volunteer for FBRN so that you can foster French Bulldogs in your area, there is an application for that as well.

There is a lot to like about FBRN’s mandate and the user-experience of their site takes a lot of the guesswork and uncertainty out of remote adoption. In that same spirit of building greater peace of mind, we at Frenchie Bulldog are offering 10% off of all purchases for the month of September if you use the discount code FBRN10. So, if you love French Bulldogs as much as we do, you owe it to yourself and one (or more) lucky Frenchie(s) to join the Frenchie Bulldog Rescue Network, help a doggo in need, and then check out Frenchie Bulldog’s site for a great deal that will help even more doggos.


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