Frenchie Gives Back: Last Chance Animal Rescue!

Frenchie Gives Back: Last Chance Animal Rescue!

Happy May, Frenchie fam! We're back spotlighting another incredible animal charity: Last Chance Animal Rescue! This rescue is particularly close to our hearts because a member of the Frenchie family adopted her dog from LCAR!

Based in Maryland, Last Chance Animal Rescue brings dogs and cats from high-kill shelters to adoption centers in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. Partnering with more than 30 PetSmart and Petco stores in the DMV region, LCAR brings animals from 50+ high-kill shelters in 12 states to get a "last chance" at a comfortable and happy life with their forever families. 

In addition to in-store adoption events and public adoption fairs, LCAR also provides disaster-relief services for pets, rescuing animals left behind in the wake of storms and floods, and runs a massive volunteer/foster network across three states. To date, LCAR is proud to save the lives of 8,000 to 10,000 animals EVERY YEAR. 

And one of those lucky animals is a 3-year-old Boxer mix named Piglet! 

Pictured: Piglet's first day at the dog park!

Frenchie team member Maggie May adopted her first dog from LCAR in 2018, at an adoption fair at a PetSmart in Glen Burnie, Maryland. 

"It was love at first sight. Well -- first sniff," Maggie says. "When I approached this little puppy in the kennel, she was fast asleep. I put my hand down for her to smell, and she gave it one sniff before plopping her whole head in my palm and going right back to sleep. I knew she was meant for me!"

Pictured: A very sleepy Piglet on adoption day in June 2018!

Piglet and Maggie now live in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Maggie recently adopted a second dog -- Bobbie, an Australian cattle dog mix -- from a local Utah rescue. 

"They're best friends and I'm lucky to have them," Maggie says. "Pig and Bobbie are a little too big to rock Frenchie harnesses and hoodies, but they LOVE wearing the bandanas -- and when Piglet's old collar fell apart, I fell in love with the new Frenchie Rosebud collar!" 

Pictured: Piglet (right) rocking the Frenchie Rosebud bandanas with her little sister, Bobbie (left). Can you spot the Rosebud and Rockstar collars, too?


For the Frenchie family, being able to give back to an organization that has given so much to our team is an opportunity we're delighted to have. 

"Although the past year was abnormally challenging, we are looking forward to a future filled with more opportunities to rescue, heal and adopt out the animals that have found themselves in high kill shelters, at no fault of their own," said Cynthia Sharpley, LCAR's Executive Director. "Because of your contribution, we are able to do more for each and every animal that crosses our threshold; providing them with the opportunity to live out their life with the love and care that they so deserve."

"Your support and encouragement means the world to me," she added. "Your gift not only helps us to continue to care for the animals in our charge, it is a real morale boost to know you are with us in our efforts."

To learn more about Last Chance Animal Rescue, visit their website and social media pages below. And to show your support, be sure to shop our New Arrivals like the Taco Tuesday Collection (and Piglet's favorite, the Rosebud Collection!) -- a portion of our May proceeds go straight to LCAR.

To the Frenchie community, we say thanks -- from our team, from Maggie, and especially from Miss Piglet!



Website: Last Chance Animal Rescue

Facebook: LCARMD

Twitter: @lastchanceresq

Donation Link: Donate Here

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