Frenchie Gives Back: Road Dogs

Frenchie Gives Back: Road Dogs

Each month, Frenchie Bulldog partners up with different animal charities from around the country who are doing exemplary work in rescue, rehabilitation, sheltering and fostering. This month, we are partnering with Road Dogs & Rescue (, a Burbank, California-based charity focusing on Pit Bulls and American Bulldog breeds. The story of Road Dogs & Rescue is a beautiful and relatable one:

Prior to creating Road Dogs & Rescue, founder Nikki Carvey had spent over ten years volunteering in animal care and was a proud momma to a Pit Bull and an American Bulldog. When the latter—Vinny—passed, Nikki fostered an English Bulldog and adopted him shortly thereafter. It was this incident—the adoption of Huxley, the English Bulldog—which both realized and cemented Nikki’s life’s purpose: rescuing bulldogs.

Fast forward some years and Road Dogs and Rescue has become a voice and advocate for one of the most misunderstood breed types. Nikki acknowledges that bulldog breeds can be a handful: “Eye issues, skin issues, joint issues – you name it, bulldogs get it. They are the Lovable Lemons of the canine world!” This realism about the challenges of bulldog ownership is refreshing, as it acknowledges how otherwise good people / prospective owners can come up short simply because they are overwhelmed. In light of this constant reality—and looking to mitigate cases of abandonment and neglect—Road Dogs and Rescue works with owners who are looking to surrender pets so that transitions happen more smoothly and the chain of care is never compromised.

Of course, for every pooch that is surrendered, several more are adopted and fostered, but for Carvey and the entire Road Dogs and Rescue organization, the primary focus is procuring medical care for bulldogs that are particularly at risk: complicated health conditions, seniors, and special needs puppies. These breeds are already abandoned at a disproportionate rate, and when their health is further compromised they are among the first to be euthanized. That needn’t be the case however, and Road Dogs & Rescue are working hard—and successfully—to make sure that these animals get the treatment they need. Thanks to a robust network of sponsors and donors, lifesaving medical interventions are undertaken every day putting pooches in a better position to find new families.

Easy! Here are a few ways:

1) Donate directly to Road Dogs & Rescue via PayPal:

2) Sponsor / Foster / Adopt:

3) Instagram: @roadogs

4) Check out and purchase a hot new accessory for your pooch using the promo code: ROADOGS10 to get 10% off.

Until next time, cheery winds and safe travels to you and your road dogs.


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