Frenchie Gives Back: SNAFU Rescue, Blind Dog Rescue, Deaf Dogs Rock

Frenchie Gives Back: SNAFU Rescue, Blind Dog Rescue, Deaf Dogs Rock

We’re back with an end of the year charity highlight reel for our Frenchie family!


SNAFU Rescue  

Kicking off our spotlights is our October charity, SNAFU Rescue. SNAFU stands for "Short Noses and Friends United." They are known for rescuing short nose breeds like our beloved Frenchie Bulldogs from the commercial breeding system. SNAFU does this by networking with commercial and private breeders for breeder releases. 

The organization also raises money to attend commercial breeder auctions and purchase dogs to free them from the commercial breeding system and raise money for those dog's vet bills. SNAFU networks as much as possible with commercial and private breeders for breeder releases and maintain a confidential and professional relationship with all their breeder contacts.

Dogs rescued by SNAFU are cared for by non-paid volunteers who donate their time and sometimes their homes to foster rescues. If they do not have room for dogs needing rescue, they work with other rescue organizations to place the pups into foster homes. While SNAFU Rescue is located mainly in the Midwest region, they adopt nationwide as long as adopters are willing to come and pick up their adopted dogs. 

If you want to help support SNAFU's amazing work, donate today. You can also like them on Facebook .



Blind Dog Rescue UK

Next up is our November Charity, Blind Dog Rescue UK. This small charity works with rescuers throughout Europe to save and rehome blind and partially-sighted dogs from the streets and in shelters.

BDRUK was founded by a veterinary nurse named Katy Orton, who adopted a blind dog named Peaches and realized her experience could make a difference to the wellbeing of other blind and partially sighted dogs. Unfortunately, most dogs in their care are victims of abuse, neglect, disease, or trauma. Many of them have come from overseas in countries with no infrastructure for animal welfare or animal rescue.

Blind Dog Rescue UK provides the dogs with veterinary care, safety, comfort, and affection -- possibly for the first time in their lives -- giving them the ability to adapt to new situations and eventually help find new loving homes for these amazing pups. 

As you can imagine, blind dogs are often not given a chance to show how incredible they can be and what normal lives they can lead. Blind Dog Rescue UK also works with owners adjusting to having a blind dog and showing them the joy, these dogs can bring to their life. 

Blind Dog Rescue UK relies solely on donations to continue its work and always looks for dedicated people to volunteer their time. You can also help by sponsoring a foster dog and giving them a better chance for adoption.  

To help Blind Dog Rescue UK, you can donate today, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Deaf Dogs Rock

Our final charity for 2021 is Deaf Dogs Rock. The mission of Deaf Dogs Rock is to promote the care and well-being of deaf dogs. Founder Christina Lee was inspired to show people that deaf dogs are not less adoptable or harder to train after she adopted a deaf boxer named Nitro in 2010. 

This organization helps find forever homes for deaf dogs and is a resource for deaf dog owners and the shelters and rescues that have deaf dogs available for adoption. Additionally, Deaf Dogs Rock provides crowd-sourced sponsorships of deaf dogs in need. Currently, they sponsor an average of more than ten deaf dogs per month.

A sponsorship typically entails providing financial resources needed to get a deaf dog at risk to a safe rescue organization and any required medical expenses. These sponsorships significantly increase the chances of a local rescue taking in the deaf dog and working towards getting it a loving forever home.

You can make a difference in the life of a deaf dog by donating to Deaf Dogs Rock.


Supporting Frenchie Bulldog is another way you can help support these amazing organizations too! Every dollar you spend this holiday season helps us meet our giving goals for these three amazing charities! Stay tuned for more charity introductions next month, like our Giving Tuesday partner, Rescue Dogs Rock!

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