How to keep your pup safe during winter fun!

How to keep your pup safe during winter fun!

No frozen noses allowed! 

With winter well on its way (and DEFINITELY HERE, for our friends living outside of sunny California!), it's time to start thinking about one of the most critical parts of winter: Dog sweaters. 

Not really -- Although hoodies are a great way to keep our pups warm and cozy when the weather gets chilly, there are additional steps pet parents should take to keep their dogs safe during winter. Read on for a few collected tips from the Frenchie team! 

1. Protect those paws. 

Dog paws are extra-sensitive during the winter, particularly with so many interesting (and dangerous) things to step in. Salt, anti-freeze, and de-icing chemicals all collect on the sidewalks and roads around our homes. We don't notice because we're usually shivering in our snow boots, but dogs' paws can collect these substances -- and your pup could lick them while washing, resulting in upset stomachs or serious poisoning. Winter booties are more than a fashion statement for dogs -- they keep paws safe from the things that can do your dog harm. If your pup refuses to wear shoes (we get it!), take the time to wipe her paws after every walk. 

2. Think twice about ice.

In the same ways that ice is dangerous for humans, ice can pose a major risk for dogs. Broken ice in particular can be devastating -- cuts, splinters, and worse can be part of the game if your dog falls through the ice on a frozen lake or pond. Plus, the sensitive undersides of paws can be burned or roughed up with too much contact with ice! 

3. Keep them warm.

We're all about our dog hoodies, but there's a reason we're so gung-ho about staying stylish! Many small-breed dogs struggle to stay warm enough during the winter months, especially breeds like chihuahuas, whippets, and greyhounds that don't have much body fat to rely on. If it's too cold outside for you, it's too cold out for your dog: Bring him inside, give him a warm and dry place to snooze, and accessorize with a Frenchie hoodie! 

4. Know your dog's limits.

Quite simply, some dogs can handle the cold better than others. And some just can't handle it at all! Many shorthaired breeds, thin dogs, elderly pups, and very young puppies will struggle with body temperature, especially while out on walks. If you're going to be outside for longer than a quick potty break, consider investing in some high-quality puppy snow gear. 

5. Bust out that leash. 

Dogs get lost in winter more often than in any other season because snow, ice, and slush conceal the smells that can help them find their way home. If your dog is startled or spooked into running away from you, it can be much harder to get them back safely during winter. To that end, keeping your dog leashed at all times is the best way to keep your furever friend safe and sound. 

6. Stay visible. 

It gets dark at like, noon nowadays. That's an exaggeration, but dogs in the dark can be a real problem. Because it gets dark so much earlier, high-visibility leashes and harnesses are a must-have for the winter months. Keeping your dog close to your side (and outfitted in the best, of course) is the best way to keep your pup safe on snowy, dim winter roads.  

7. Bring them inside. 

If your dog is primarily an indoor pet, he'll probably give you some major side-eye when it's time to "go" in the snow. But for pets that spend most of their time outdoors, there are special precautions we need to take to make sure they're safe during winter. Outdoor dogs should have some kind of shelter: Large enough to lay down and comfortably turn around in, but small enough and lined with some kind of stuffing (like cedar shavings or straw) to help them conserve body heat. Plus, outdoor animals will need a LOT more food during the winter -- this helps them build up fat and conserve heat when they need it most. 

Whatever winter dishes out, you can keep your pup warm and comfortable with Frenchie's stylish, high-quality hoodies and accessories. Shop our all-new holiday collection now! 

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