Living With Messmakers 101: How to clean up after your dog

Living With Messmakers 101: How to clean up after your dog

We’re going to state the obvious here: dogs are messy. Not just because they're furry and lick their own bodies, but because they're animals. And animals simply can’t clean up after themselves. If your dog spills their food, gets their muddy paws on the couch, or has an accident in the house they can’t exactly bend over and pick it up. So as a fur parent you’ll have to step in and save the day! But where to start? How do you clean up after a dog?


Wipe them down

Whenever you take your dog outside you should wipe them down before they come inside. Dirty paws on the furniture is a big no-no, so buy some baby wipes or have a reusable towel by your front for easy access when you come back from a walk.


Invest in a high-quality vacuum

Dogs will shed. It doesn’t matter the season, the breed, or the length of the coat—dogs shed. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can learn how to manage it. Investing in high-quality vacuum such as a cordless Dyson or even a Roomba will save you from so much stress of seeing dog hair everywhere.


Find a holy grail stain remover

Research the type of furniture and flooring you have vs. what are the best stain removers for those products (i.e., leather, carpet, hardwood, suede, etc.). Once you find your holy grail products then cleaning up after a dog won’t seem like such hard work. Whether it’s dirty paws on the sofa or they threw up on the carpet—you’ll be ready to tackle that stain with ease.


Teach your dog boundaries

We totally believe old dogs can learn new tricks, so you should teach your dog what space is theirs and what space to avoid. If your dog is crate trained or has a dog bed somewhere in the home, make them understand that this is their “room” or their space -- Versus, say, your king-sized bed with its freshly pressed sheets. By having boundaries with your dog, they’ll understand where they can be a little messier. (Plus, you're limiting cleanup to certain areas of the house -- less stress for everyone!) 


Lint Rollers, ChomChom Rollers & More

Just like finding a good vacuum is crucial finding something that can instantly lift hair off clothes, furniture or carpets is just as crucial. The Frenchie team always keeps a few lint rollers handy and the ChomChom roller from Amazon is a home must-have!


Make Sure It’s Washable

Anything and everything you buy your dog should be washable. Dog beds, dog toys and even dog clothes. This helps keep the items your dog uses and loves the most hair- and odor-free! Be sure to check out our line of Frenchie Hoodies as all are machine washable!


Get A Food Mat

Dogs seem the be the messiest when they eat. Maybe it’s because they can’t use forks when they eat? Regardless of when our dogs are eating dinner it seems like most of the food ends up on the ground than it does in their mouths. Putting a food mat under their dish bowls this make for a fast and easy clean up after dinner time!


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