Surf on Your Turf - The Sharky Collection

Surf on Your Turf - The Sharky Collection

Sleek. Grey. Cuddly. Loyal. Protective. Gentle. These are just some of the words used to describe sharks—truly the doggos of the deep, and a mariner’s best friend. ….

Okay, so sharks aren’t exactly like dogs—not even a little in fact—but there’s no reason why you and your pooch can’t incorporate their style into your own swag. Celebrate the waning days of Summer with Frenchie Bulldog’s Sharky Collection. Your pooch will look as clean as the bite mark on a surfboard with these fresh prints featuring sharks, stars, and soon-to-be-bitten-boards. Our whole range of doggy products—Poo Bag Holder, Cooling Bandana, Comfort Collar, Leash, and Strap Harness—have been given this funky palette swap to help you stay ahead of the curl! And, if you decide to go with our very popular Duo-Reversible Harness, you get two groovy designs; the above mentioned surfboard x shark combo, and on the obverse, a beautifully understated, shark silhouette paisley. This ensures you’ll have a more formal option if your pooch has an important function to attend.

Or perhaps being covered in ocean spray while shooting the barrel of a cresting wave as you are pursued by a shark is not the kind of drip you are looking for. Well say no more, fam, as we are also offering two more popping styles for your late-summer doggo haute couture needs: Pink Drip Skull and Blue Drip Skull. These two matching palette swaps featuring dripping skulls in pink and light blue will make every day seem like Dia de los Muertos. Like the Sharky collection, our Drip Skull offerings are built to stand up to the daily rigors of pet care: Reinforced stitching and quality buckles ensure durability while neoprene cushioning ensures that the harnesses and collars are comfortable enough to be daily wearers. Beyond acquiring stylish and durable accessories for your canine, another benefit of outfitting your doggo in Frenchie Bulldog attire is that a portion of each purchase is donated to a different charity which alternates monthly. August’s awesome charity is Road Dogs & Rescue ( and it is not too late to help them out.

Ok, make sure your doggo is asleep cause we don’t want them getting jealous, but dig this: Frenchie Bulldog is now offering accessories for people. No, not leashes and collars; instead we are now offering hats and apparel, as well as fanny packs in myriad styles. Our Teddy Bear fanny pack for example is one of our most sought out people accessories, and with its plush fabrics it may become the preferred hiding place for any snacks you have. Or, if you’re really ‘bout it bout it’ when it comes to matching with your dog, we even have full Frenchie Bulldog monogrammed tracksuits, including a pink tie-dye version. We have style and comfort waiting for you on our site!

All the best to you and your pet for the rest of this summer season.


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