The 6 Must Haves for Flying with your Pup

The 6 Must Haves for Flying with your Pup
1. Documents for your pup. Make sure to check with your specific airline for the exact documents you need but most common is a Veterinary Health Document or Official Immunization record. This document needs to be signed/dated by your vet within 10 days of your travel date.
2. Airline approved dog carrier - Here are some we have tried:
3. Poo Bags
4. Eye Ointment (this is one of our best tips) Eye ointment keeps your dog's eyes moisturized, which protects them from ulcers. ** Pro Tip: Keeping your dog's eyes moisturized before sleep prevents discoloration of the eye and keeps the whites of their eyes WHITE and healthy. Here is the one we use:
5. Treats - This is one of our new FAVES!
6. Chew Toy - We love bene bones and haven't met a dog that isn't obsessed.
what to pack when flying with your pup


  • Amanda Norman

    On your stories it looked like Leo was walking on board without a carrier- what airline do you fly w him??

  • Cecile

    Great advice. I had never thought about the eyes. Thanks for the tip

  • Sarah
    What is the brand of that dog carrier thank you

  • Amelia Clause

    Do you use the eye ointment every night before your Frenchie goes to bed? Or just for travel? Also do you have any tips to rid tear stains, I have a cream Frenchie and at 6months old he already has such dark bad tear stains and I don’t know how to clean it up and prevent them.

    Thank you!!!

  • Chandra

    How do you apply the eye ointment? Thinking my pup won’t be jazzed about that! Ha ha

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