The best dog names of 2022

The best dog names of 2022

Do you ever notice that people tend to gatekeep baby names? Don’t get me wrong…I don’t blame them. You spend months, even years, thinking of the perfect name for your baby and then someone else uses it? The nerve.

But what’s worse is when you think of the perfect DOG name, and someone steals it. The audacity of some people! We won’t let that happen though. Because we’ve rounded up the best dog names of the year, so you have plenty to choose from.


  1. Luna—with the Harry Potter reunion happening on the first day of the year we figured it was only right to bring back some unique HP names.
  2. Daizy—swapping the “s” out with a “z,” I see.
  3. Bailey—a perfect gender-neutral name for any pup.
  4. Mime—Pokémon fans, where you at? Imagine a goofy dog with this name!?
  5. Stella—imagine when they poop in the house and you just go, “STELLLLLAAA!” Classic.
  6. Milo—this one just rolls off the tongue. We picture a farm dog with this name!
  7. Tucker—imagine its nickname being “tuck.” Hey tuck, get in the truck!
  8. Grogu—does this one even need an explanation?
  9. Sirius—another HP fan fave.
  10. Big—even funnier if you own a small dog. Just don’t let your dog get on the Peloton 🤷.
  11. Kai—simple, to the point. Make it more feminine by adding another “a” so it’s Kaia (Kai-uh).
  12. Finley—another cute one with a possible nickname of Finn.
  13. Oliver—"Am I being partial to this name because it’s my dog’s name? Yes. Is it still a sophisticated name for a sophisticated pup? Also, yes." - A Frenchie team member
  14. Juniper—a fun bubbly name for any dog with a bubbly personality.
  15. Dratini—another Pokémon inspired name that rhymes with martini.
  16. Avery—I almost did gatekeep this one…it’s just that good.
  17. Remy—Disney’s “Ratatouille” become wildly popular again this year so let’s give credit where credit is due. Remy is an adorable name!
  18. Lucius—Imagine if you had a silver Afghan Hound…perfection.
  19. Freya—this name just radiates confidence.
  20. Cora—short, simple and mysterious.
  21. Julian—I’m inclined to add the word Prince before it: Prince Julian or Julian, either way it’s so regal.
  22. Appa—any “Avatar” fans out there? #IYKYK
  23. Boba—you could go two ways here…boba tea…Boba Fett..either way we love it.
  24. Drogon—with the GOT prequel coming out soon we have to pay our respects to the toughest dragon out there.
  25. Enzo—we love a name that ends in a vowel 😊.


If you’re not gatekeeping any names, share with us some of your favorites. Be sure to follow and tag us on Instagram @frenchiebulldog so we can see your dogs in Frenchie gear!

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