The stress-free guide to taking your dog's measurements

The stress-free guide to taking your dog's measurements

How do you know which size is right for your dog? One of the best things about pups is that they come in all shapes and sizes -- in addition to the unique parts of every dog's personality, their builds, coloring, tails, and ears offer some of our favorite features of our furry friends. 

So when it comes to accessorizing, how do we know which size to buy?

Obviously, a 20 lb French Bulldog is going to be a very different size and shape from, say, a 20 lb Boxer puppy. Weight is not a good factor for choosing a size for harnesses, collars, and hoodies. The best way to get the right picture of your dog's size is to take her measurements. 

What supplies do I need to take my dog's measurements? 

You don't need much to measure your dog, besides a good bit of patience! You'll need something to do the actual measuring: Either a soft measuring tape (the kind tailors use) or a length of string and a ruler.

Okay, I've got everything I need -- now how do I measure my dog?!

Start with a deep breath and a handful of treats. Some dogs will be happy to enjoy this new cuddle time, while others might get a little freaked out by the measuring tape. Just be patient, offer encouragement in quiet words, and provide plenty of treats as a reward for sitting still. 

To take your dog's measurements, wrap the string or measuring tape around your desired measurement. Make sure your pup is sitting still (enough) to get an accurate reading. Follow the "two finger rule" for snugness: Your measurement should be tight enough that the measuring tape or string does not fall off, but roomy enough to put two fingers between your dog's fur and the measuring tape. 

If you used the string method, mark where the string overlaps on your dog's measurement. Then, measure the length of the string against your ruler. And that's it! 

What measurements should I take?

There are three main measurements to consider when measuring your dog:

  • Chest: This is the widest part of your dog's torso, generally from the base of the shoulders, under the "armpits" of your dog's front legs, and back to the top. 
  • Neck: The neck measurement is important to know how the head opening of a hoodie or the first loop of a harness will fit. To take the neck measurement, measure the part of your dog's neck where their collar normally sits.  
  • Length: Chest and neck measurements are the most important, but you can also measure your dog's length from the front of his shoulders to the base of his tail. This is helpful for knowing where a hoodie or harness will sit on your dog -- some longer pups can still wear stylish hoodies, but they do come out more like stylish crop tops. ;-) 

Which size should I get for Frenchie products?

We have a few different sizing recommendations for our different products. Our strap harnesses are adjustable, making them easier to "guesstimate" when it comes to sizing. For reversible harnesses and hoodies, follow our handy-dandy guide below. And remember -- if you think your pup is between sizes, always go with the larger size. 

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