Un-Paws Your Game: The Frenchie Bulldog Arcade Collection

Un-Paws Your Game: The Frenchie Bulldog Arcade Collection

The year is 1984. It’s Friday night. You drive your Gremlin to the video arcade and scoop all the change out of the cupholders before exiting the vehicle. Neon flashing lights cast a surreal glow on the arcade’s interior and rows of pinball machines emit various noises which blend into a bombastic hum. You grab a Pepsi from the concession stand and exchange your cash for tokens before walking through the rows of arcade cabinets looking for a very particular machine. You pass by Missile Command, Space Invaders, and Polybius as Rush’s Tom Sawyer blares over the sound-system. Finally, you find what you’re looking for; the Pac-Man machine is free and you have enough tokens in your pocket and skill in your hands to get the high score. Excelsior!

Okay, so maybe you weren’t even alive in the 1980s. Or maybe you were popular in high-school and so can not possibly relate to this scenario, but chances are you’ve played Pac-Man (or Ms.Pac-Man) at some point and know that elated feeling of clearing the board of all dots, dodging all the spooky weirdos, and even loading up on some fresh fruit in the process—just like real life! Well now you and your pup can take a nostalgia trip together with Frenchie Bulldog’s all-new Arcade Collection. We’ve given all of our pooch accoutrements a retro gaming makeover; the Comfort Collar, Comfort Leash, Cooling Bandana, Bag Holder, Strap Harness and of course, the Duo Reversible Harness—the latter even featuring a Tetris design on the obverse.

All Frenchie Bulldog Arcade Collection items are made with the highest-quality materials and stitched for durability and longevity, ensuring that they can stand up to enthusiastic play, machine washing, and ’spirited’ walks. We prioritize the ergonomics as well—everything from the overall fit to strap adjustability to eschewing the use of metal buckles—so that your pup’s daily activities are not impeded. As well, the comfort-maximizing neoprene cushioning utilized in all of our collars and harnesses allows them to be used as ‘everyday wearers’ which is particularly useful if you and your pooch are still in the training phase. Keep your canine friend feeling secure and comfortable while looking wizard all the while. And of course for those pooches (and humans) who aren’t retro gaming enthusiasts, Frenchie Bulldog has a regularly updating set of designs you can check out on our website in addition to our staple designs. Whatever interests you and your pup share, we are bound to have a design that will fit your tastes.

As curators of elevated pet essentials, we at Frenchie keep our products affordable so that no pooch is left behind in the style and safety departments. However, we also take a portion of each purchase and invest in registered animal charities nationwide through our Frenchie Gives Back program. So go ahead, do your dog a solid while at the same time helping other dogs all over the country. It’s a proposition that’s hard to beat…like most retro games.

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