What We Feed Our Dogs

What We Feed Our Dogs
Hi guys! Going back to further discuss our tips and tricks for getting rid of tear stains, we wanted to share with you the dog food that we reccomend for preventing tear stains. As mentioned, in the previous blog post, diet plays an integral role in controlling tear stains. The right diet for YOUR pup is so important- their development, skin/coat/eye health, allergies, energy levels, and overall wellbeing are all affected by diet. Keep in mind, it may take time to find the diet that best suits your dog, as we have tried so many different kinds of food and brands, what works for one dog might not work for another. Every dog is different and we recommend speaking with your vet about the right diet for your dog. Our pups have tried both cooked and raw foods. 
However, this is the dog food that we currently feed our pups and have found to be THE BEST cooked food option for them. (AND - We scored a 50% off discount for you guys! So make sure to click THIS LINK to automatically apply the discount) :
What it is:
Freshly made dog food delivered right to your door.
Why we like this brand:

The meal plans are customized for each dog to meet their specific nutritional needs and use human-grade USDA ingredients. Designed by veterinarians, this brand takes all the guesswork out and formulates a meal plan that is the best fit for YOUR DOG. You don't even have to remember to order more food! The personalized plan not only takes into account the ingredients that best suit your dog but also the portion size for each meal. This was another huge pro for us because we travel quite a bit and would often forget to bring along a measuring cup. Aside from the convince of the portion planning, the amount of food your dog eats is just as important as the quality and type of food. 


How it works:

Make a profile for your dog(s) and fill in the step-by-step questions. (Easy questions but cover all of your concerns)   


A personalized meal plan is then created for your dog based on the answers you provide. You can then choose which recipes-meal options you would like to try.

Just as quickly as you customize your pup's meal plan, the box of healthy, fresh dog food is delivered just days later! 

Each food bag is labeled individually with your dog's name (We LOVE this), the recipe/ type of food, and the amount to feed them each day! This is so helpful because if someone else is feeding your dog or if you just forget how much to feed them, you can just look on the bag (Ex: "Half Pack Per Day") -No measuring cups required! 

Another huge plus is that you don't have to remember when to order more food or try and figure out when you will need more. They do all of the math for you, so you will never run out of food nor will you ever have too much food. 


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