"Winter-ize" Your Dog's Routine

"Winter-ize" Your Dog's Routine

Now that the seasons are changing and the weather is getting colder and drier, its important to "winterize" your pup's routine.  I put together some must-haves for your pup (and you) to keep you both healthy and happy during the upcoming fall and winter months.


In the home:

Humidifier (that doesn't ruin the decor of your home/room)

A humidifier is a MUST and I mean MUST during the dry winter months. As we turn up the heat in the colder months, we also decrease the humidity in the air. Keeping the at a balanced humidity level is crucial for you and our pup to feel your best and also help prevent future health concerns. A lot of dogs sleep with their eyes partially opened causing them to dry out during the night. This can lead to ulcers forming in the eyes, which can lead to further problems in your pet's eyes. First, take notice whether or not your pet sleeps with his/her eyes partially opened. If they do, we recommend talking to your vet about this and what options they may recommend. My youngest frenchie, Leo, was prescribed artificial tears as a preventative treatment to protect his eyes from ulcers.  Our vet also recommended using a humidifier to help with his "dry-eyes". 

We found this sleek humidifier by Stadler Form. It comes in some pretty cool colors too- like bronze and silver. Another great thing about this humidifier is that it includes a fragrance dispenser, so you can add your favorite pure essential oils to it! (Personally love this feature)



To avoid stripping natural oils from your pup's skin, the use of shampoos should be limited during winter months. Opt for a simple water bath. In the case that you need to use a wash, make sure to use a moisturizing shampoo for sensitive skin and follow with a moisturizing rinse.



Don't forget to brush! Helping your pup shed that layer of summer will keep your dog and your home happy. Brushing regularly also promotes circulation and stimulates and distributes natural oils to help moisturize your pup's skin.

The Zoom Groom brush by Kong, is one of our faves!


Adding healthy omegas to your dog's diet can help moisturize fro the inside out, or vice versa. Give your pup an occasional coconut oil treat to help maintain healthy skin and coat. You can also use coconut oil for a variety of other winter-month concerns:

- as a paw protector/ moisturizer 

- to moisturize those snouts- to clean tear stains


You need a jacket when you go outside, so your pup most definitely does!

You wouldn't go for a walk outside during the colder months without putting on a warm coat, would you? Your dog shouldn't either. Dogs, especially the small ones, do get cold. Keep them warm and looking sharp with our super cool new hoodies. They are perfect for fall and winter months. 






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  • Lisa

    Getting a frenchie puppy in January – and it looks like your hoodies and harnesses are running out fast! Will you add more/and more designs for those that are sold out? (*the sharks?) And do you have an specific puppy sizes? Thanks so much!

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