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"What's better than fashion for myself? Fashion for my pet. Frenchie bulldog crafts luxe collars, cooling bandanas, and hoodies (!!!!) to make your doggo the most stylish pup at the park."

"If you need a highly adjustable, good looking harness that fits - and doubles as dog bling - look no further."

"Keeping your pet as well-accessorized as you are is important. Frenchie Bulldog understands this ethos, creating stylish harnesses and apparel that not only keep your furry friend looking good, but also keep them comfy and safe with its soft and flexible materials."

"Your pup doesn't have to be a Frenchie to rock this vibrant, '80s-style bandana. In addition to making a killer fashion statement, this one-size-fits-most bandana is designed to keep your dog cool on the hottest summer days."

"OK, how adorable would this bandana look on your dog? Whether you’re gifting your own pup or your friend’s, any dog lover would absolutely appreciate a cute accessory like this one."

"The brand behind the first-ever reversible harness, take your pick from a range of fun patterns and prints; think pizza, palm trees, and unicorns, and more. While the harnesses and collars are specially designed for smaller breeds, they also offer one-size-fits-all leashes in the same unique prints."

"TONGUES. WILL. WAG. Hello, four-legged fashion statement! Frenchie Bulldog’s collection of canine apparel and accessories has small breeds everywhere turning the streets into a runway. From hoodies and harnesses to leashes and bandanas, there’s a fresh style to suit every pup’s personality for $4.99 and up."

"If you've got a Frenchie, you're already making a statement. Match your dog's harness to its personality with the brand Frenchie Bulldog, which offers a variety of fun, reversible harnesses in stylish patterns, designs and colors."

About Frenchie

At Frenchie, we’ve spent over a decade perfecting the ultimate dog harness and accessories. We prioritize high-quality, ergonomic design for the safest, most comfortable options for your furry family members, including beloved French Bulldogs.

Our claim to fame? We’re the creators of the world’s first reversible harness exclusively for small to medium-sized dogs. But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to making every moment with your fur baby even more memorable. Beyond fashion and function, we’re dedicated to giving back to charities and rescues monthly, uniting a community of dog lovers who value style with purpose. Join our family today.

The New Game In Town

Frenchie Front Pull Harness & Matching Comfort Leash

The New Game In Town

Frenchie Front Pull Harness & Matching Comfort Leash

The New Game In Town

Frenchie Front Pull Harness & Matching Comfort Leash

The New Game In Town

Frenchie Front Pull Harness & Matching Comfort Leash

Stay ahead of the fashion pack!

Introducing our exclusive Frenchie-inspired human apparel – the epitome of style and comfort for the ultimate fans! Crafted with love and attention to detail, our collection seamlessly blends the charm of Frenchies with the coziness you crave..