New Frenchie Products! Introducing Frenchie Series

We know how excited everyone is about having their matching set: harness, collar, and leash. We recently received some questions from our FRIENDCHIES, asking about a possible a matching collar and leash for one of our most popular printed Frenchie Reversible Harness- Interstellar, and a matching Camo collar to accompany the Camo Harness and Leash.

You asked, we listened!:) 


Introducing Our Matching Sets:


Frenchie Bulldog Camo Series - Camo Harness, collar, leash matching set 


Frenchie Bulldog Aztec Series - Aztec Harness, collar, leash matching set


Frenchie Bulldog Interstellar Series - Interstellar matching harness, collar leash set


Frenchie Bulldog TieDye Series - TieDye matching harness, collar, leash set

Here are our three new additions to our line, completing the set of a matching harness, collar, and leash for your french bulldog:

The Frenchie Camo Collar


The Interstellar Collar


The Interstellar Leash



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