Frenchie Bulldog Duo Reversible Harness

Frenchie Bulldog Duo Reversible Harness

Face it: As a dog owner, you will inevitably go through many pet accessories as they break down over time due to soiling and wear & tear. Your pup is growing after all, and exploring the environment all around them, and so they’re going to need accessories—leashes, harnesses, collars, etc.—that will go the distance with them as they venture out into the world.

Frenchie Bulldog is excited to offer you our flagship accessory for your pup; the Duo Reversible Harness. As the name implies, this custom harness can be worn two ways as both sides of the harness feature attractive and complementary designs which will keep your pet secure during walks while at the same time showcasing their individual personality. Pirate themes, animal themes, floral prints, teddy bears, sports equipment, and pizza are just a few of the available outer designs which can be flipped to the inside for a more low-key look or to hide stains and soiling before you get a chance to wash the harness.

Manufactured with a high-quality poly blend, the Duo Reversible Harness remains durable and secure over time so that you can have peace of mind when walking more spirited Frenchies who like to pull against their leads. At the same time, the custom harness’ quilted weave and internal padding ensure that your pet won’t get hurt when they pull against the harness or, just as importantly, when you have to pull them away from hazards. The built-in comfort goes beyond outings to the park however; the Duo Reversible Harness is an everyday wearer as well, meaning that your pet will be happy lounging around the house wearing it, with no impediment to its activities.

Dogs get dirty. We all know this. However, the Frenchie Bulldog Duo Reversible Harnesses needn’t stay dirty. The same materials which create a breathable, padded, and comfortable accessory for your dog are also 100% machine washable, so the vibrant colors on both sides of the harness will endure as long as the materials do. If a full washing isn’t necessary, but rather a quick spray of deodorizer, you can spry away with confidence knowing that the materials will absorb the deodorizer without compromising the long-term strength and integrity of the harness.

For most pet owners, nothing is too good or too expensive for their little canine member of the family. Frenchie Bulldog appreciates and respects this care and compassion, and we want to do our part by keeping our products affordable. All Frenchie Bulldog Due Reversible Harnesses are priced in such a way that you needn’t break the bank to make sure your pet’s look is on point.

Factor in the fact that we donate a portion of our profits to animal charities, and you quickly realize that the Duo Reversible Harness is not only the best custom harness for your dog, but a great choice for all dogs.


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